About Us


To inculcate a sense in each child to create their own world through education.


To frame children minds of all ages to brainiacs meeting challenges of 21st century and the future ahead.

Core Values

  • Awareness
  • Character building
  • Competence
  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Excellence and Innovation

Quality and Educational Policy

  • We are committed to serve for a cause in education, striving quality and innovation to fulfill needs and expectations of learners, parents, teachers, society, the country, and other beneficiaries and improve ourselves for new horizons.
  • Develop and achieve Quality Frameworks and Quality Objectives to ensure the myth towards “envision to dawn” for national and international community. Facilitate for life-long learning and growth to all interested parties for a better life and future ahead.
  • Identify and reduce internal and external risks and adopt updated standards of relevant field for continual improvement.

Message by Chairman

Universe welcomes you to contribute where you can create a difference, your place and signature as an ultimate success.  The Outreach Ed inculcate learners for positivity, peace, progress and prosperity through education.

The Outreach Ed provides you with a better platform for series of ideas, create your investment place, mature your effort to promote education and develop learners at national and International level envision to dawn and think ahead.

The Outreach Ed is also to trace learning roots in pupil’s innate and draw learning curves to equip and develop each child for getting education as they deserve it as a basic right. It’s not a job, its responsibility all of us, pay back to society or save few pennies, spent time or invest towards a knowledgeable nation. We are here and committed to lead you diligently to achieve that goal.

Tariq Mahmood


Outreach Ed is an acronym of “Observe Unique Teaching for Rising in Education & Academics with Competent Hands Envision to Dawn”.

Outreach Ed means “reached further than”, Outreach Ed explained as “an effort to bring educational/learning services to develop each child of all ages”


  • Observe unique teaching means follow unique & new didactics.
  • Rising Education & Academics refer to step toward uplift education & academics national and internationally. Also circular our efforts to boost education in our homeland (Pakistan) for its better future and meet coming challenges.
  • Competent Hands; hands or minds which know how to live, learn and grow.
  • Envision to Dawn means education, knowledge, wisdom or mind that focus to a light towards planned destination/objectives, peace, prosperity, and blessings.

In acronym “Outreach Ed” spellings Ed is referred towards education network but it doesn’t mean to change the meaning of same word “Outreach Ed”. Word “for, in, with, to” are extra and used to tie the sentence with each word.


Board Of Directors:

Mr. Tariq Mahmood

Mr. Ali Akbar

Annual Reports