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Idea ManagementProject ManagementAcademics Management Admission ManagementExamination Management HR Management Capacity BuildingMarketing & Branding
Traces Idea roots Phase 1:
Project Conception & Initiation
Academic Planning School Prospectus Examination Handbook Policy Manual:
> Recruitment Policy
> Administration Policy
> Leaves Policy
> Entitlement Policy
> Conflict of Interest
> Grievances Policy
> Attire Policy
> Compensation and Benefits Policy
> Other policies which are required to run a system
Training Need Assessment/Development need Assessment:
> Director/Principals
> Teachers
> other lower cadre staff
Idea Generation
Idea Maturity
Feasibility ReportPhase 2:
Project Definition and
Academic CalendarAdmission Criteria Setting Paper and Distribution in to PartsEmployee Handbook and basic disciplinesAnnual Training Calendar
School Website and Portal
Idea ExecutionPhase 3:
Project Execution
Lesson PlanningAdmission ManualPassing/Grades Criteria Employee Job family and cadres guideTraining Execution, Assessment and EvaluationSchool Mobile Application
Monitoring & MeasurementPhase 4:
Project Performance/Monitoring and Control
Classroom Teaching ObservationPolicy Policy Human Resource Recruitment & profiling Documentary / TV Commercial Aids
Outcome curve and Measure ROIPhase 5:
Project Closure
Laboratory development GuidesSOPsSOPsJob Description & KIPsNewsletter and Magazine
Provide holistic solution to an idea for CSR Projects in education to attain excellence & ROIStudents Learning Assessment and analytics Students Learning Assessment and analytics

Criteria for Employee Assessment and EvaluationTheme-based Poster / Flexes
Formulate Comparative AnalysisInterviews of students at different forums